Monday, June 6, 2011

About this Blog....

Hello, world!  My name's Jill, and I'm here to help.  I've been there.  We're all stressed from time to time, and when things are hectic, the first thing to go is our style, our fashion, our tiny bit of opulence and luxury that we allow ourselves.  I think that's a crime.  When you've taken 5 extra minutes to curl your hair, or put on a fun bracelet, you feel so much better the rest of the day.  When you take the time to cook something special for dinner, it tastes so much better.  If you put out a new floral arrangement, or make the dining room table, your home looks so much better.

I know what you're going to say.  "But Jill," you're thinking, "all that takes time.  And fancy meals and new things cost money, extra money that we don't have.  This is a recession, after all!" I know what you mean. I don't think these things should cost more, though.  That's why I've done my digging, and all of my research.  I wanted these things in my life, but didn't want to pay more for them.  And I didn't want them to take forever.  I've come up with many, many ways to inject tiny bits of sparkle and fun into my life, without breaking the bank.  Domestics by Jill is my pet project, my way of sharing all of those tips and tricks.  I hope you all can use my tips, and even help me come up with new ones!

While perusing my blog, please look out for these features:

New Week, New Style (Every Monday)
Each Monday, I'll be posting a tip about a fresh new look to add to your wardrobe or accessories for the week to come.

Feast on This (Every Wednesday)
Featuring a brand new recipe, or a twist on an old classic, that's easy to make but pleasing to eat.

This Weekend: (Every Thursday)
Ideas for fun entertaining.  If you're going to be indulging yourself, why not invite your friends along?

My Home, My Oasis (Every Saturday)
Your home needs love and attention, too.  Here you'll find my tips for easy home decorating, organization, and cleaning.

Don't forget, we're all in this together.  If you've got a comment, suggestion, question or idea, please remember to contact me!

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