Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Week, New Style: Stacking Bracelets

So sorry I'm late with this post, world, my 'puter was being naughty yesterday!

For this week's, New Week, New Style, I've decided to cover bracelets. I love bracelets. I can't count how many I have. But when it comes to putting them together, sometimes you have to be creative.  They can be a bit boring if you don't do something new and fresh with them.  So this week, I challenge you to stack your bracelets!

 Here's a look at just some of my bracelets.  How did I get so many?!?

The first (and easiest) way to stack bracelets is to simply stack them by color.  Use any and all bracelets you have, but stick to one or two colors.  It doesn't matter if some are beaded, bangle, tennis, or any other kind, just as long as they're within your color scheme.  Here's one stack I did, concentrating on yellows and oranges:

Here's another, this time in purples and pinks:

Easy, right? The second way to stack is by using a single bracelet as an inspiration.  For instance, here's one of my absolutely favorite bracelets.  I love the colors and the vintage feeling of it.

However, on its own it feels a bit plain.  For my first stack with this bracelet, I went, again, with colors.  I pulled all the bracelets I could with colors I found in this first bracelet.  This is what I came up with:

Fun, huh?  Next, I tried to stay more with the vintage feeling of the bracelet.  I dug through some of my heirlooms, brought out the pearls, and viola!

See? Two totally different looks, based off one bracelet.  Let's try it again, with a different bracelet.  This is a tiny Asian inspired bracelet, and I love it.

Okay, so I'm going to stack using both the colors and the feel this time. Here's my creation:

I love it!  Now, here's my last little tip.  Sometimes I'll pick up a set of bracelets with two or three bracelets in a similar hue or feel.  Here's one I got awhile back:

Cute, but could use some jazzing up.  I decided to add some more beaded bracelets, but in pinks and plums. Here's what I came up with:

So much better!  I love this look, it's so easy to achieve, and it's a blast to do!  Plus it's free, you can use all the bracelets you already have.  If you're going with the stacked bracelet look, I'd keep the rest of your jewelry fairly neutral.  Maybe one statement ring on the opposite hand of your stack, no necklaces, and simple hoop or stud earrings.  You won't want to take the focus off these babies!

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